The French Circus School

With highly interactive, fun and educational circus arts workshops, both children and adults can learn circus skills, from beginner to advanced. This includes how to juggle very different and fun gear (balls, diabolos, clubs, devil sticks, spinning plates, rings etc.), Fun clown improvisation and teamwork confidence exercises, magician techniques, acrobatics, making advanced balloon art and riding a unicycle.

JP will perform a demonstration show and will bring all the equipment needed to become a true circus artist. He will create a real French circus school atmosphere (complete with an authentic French accent!).

Circus arts skills will improve learning skills, enhance concentration, coordination, motor functions, self confidence, patience, creativity, persistence, and develop muscle potential. The list is endless!

Workshops are suitable for all ages - kids or adults - and for any event such as private parties, school holiday programs and functions. JP can also run very fun and educational Magic and Balloon Art Workshops.

Challenge yourself, your friends or children and have fun learning new skills with 'Le Cirque de JP'

Fun Circus Workshops for School Holiday Program

Fun Circus Workshops for School Holiday Program

The many benefits of juggling:

A plethora of research has gone into the benefits of juggling in relation to brain development, general health and well-being (recovery of brain injuries, mental health, stress relief, focus retention, improved learning and non-boring meditation.) The main physical benefits include loosening all the joints from your fingertips back to your shoulder blades, and improving hand-eye coordination.

Clearing the mind makes you more efficient and more likely to approach things logically and not emotionally. It also appears that juggling itself is a paradox. To catch, we must not reach. To see the pattern, we must not look at its parts. To learn, we must unlearn.

Juggling enhances or promotes the rehabilitation of:

Intellectual faculties:  Concentration, coordination, personal confidence, persistence, rhythm, patience, creativity, visualisation within space, inventiveness

Physical faculties: Motivity, muscle potential, joint mechanisms, muscle litheness.

The magic potion to keep you or your child's body and mind focussed to learn new skills.